The Humble Beginnings of Hip Hop

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In the mid 70’s before the major record label deals and the large spread appeal across all cultural lines, straight from the streets of The South Bronx of NYC a new expression of music was on the rise. It was all about new and creative ways to rock the party. Coming up with clever rhymes or even giving your shot outs to notable people in attendance while the record was at the break is how this started. Through the creativeness of Dee Jays mixing two of the same records back and forth to create a longer break beat enabled the MC to rhyme even longer. This technique added more hype to the party and later developed into M.Cs doing battle against each other for bragging rights as the best on their block. The MC or Rapper is one of four elements of the culture we call Hip Hop. The other three are The Graffiti Artist, Break Dancer, and Dee Jay. It was this start that fans of the art form, like myself, a part of the first generation of Hip Hop came to know and love. Back when raps were about how much sharper your lyrical flow was over the next guy or the harsh but realistic look at street life in the city. For example, “The Message” from Grand Master Flash was the epitome of what real rap is all about.

For most of us we first learned about this new form of music with the first hip hop song to go mainstream with plenty of radio air play, The Sugar Hill Gang’s Rappers Delight. Quickly this opened the flood gates for others to follow like Spoonie Gee, Kurtis Blow, The Treacherous Three, Grand master Flash & The Furious Five, Kool Moe Dee and many others. Like so many things that are new there is growth over a period of time and change. Rap has definitely changed from the early days. There is a lot that’s been said about how it’s changed over the years, some fair and true and some not.

Agree or disagree, at this stage of the game it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere. If you were with rap at the beginning and you feel all rap music is now garbage, I say in fairness really take a good listen to some of the newer artist. Some of them are lyrically talented and yes they have something of value to say. If this doesn’t work for you grab the old Adidas Sweat Suit with the thick gold chain. Press play on your boom box and pump up that old school rap from back in the day.


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